None of what we do at O’Neal Equestrian would be possible without the help of our generous sponsors. These are all fantastic brands with incredible products that we are proud to represent.

Please take a minute to check out what they offer!




Modern riding demands innovation: Samshield adds elegance and distinctiveness

Not only is Samshield top in safety, their helmets have a unique mix of innovation and style. It is our favorite helmet brand and we highly recommend checking out their extensive collection!!

Guardian Horse Bedding


Success begins in the barn, start with Guardian Horse Bedding

Guardian Bedding stands alone in the industry. It is the only bedding we use at Redtail Ridge due to it’s minimal dust and quality.

Triple Crown Nutrition


Triple Crown feeds are second to none in equine nutrition. Our horses look and feel amazing on their products and we see a huge difference in horses that switch onto a Triple Crown feed once at Redtail Ridge. It is reliable quality every time and you can trust that you will see a difference in your horse with Triple Crown!

CWD Saddles


At O’Neal Equestrian we are huge fans of CWD Saddles. Combining comfort and design, there is no saddle that we would rather ride in. Our horses are comfortable and their products are durable and top quality.

Horse Education Company


The Hybrid Halter from Horse Education Company has made a huge difference in handling our horses on a day to day basis. Bringing together the effects of a rope halter and the safety and comfort of a breakaway, it is ideal for handling young horses or any strong horse on the ground.

APF Pro is an all in one herbal supplement that aids in muscle development and immune support. We see a huge difference in our horses well being and love the added benefit of gastric support.

Choice of Champions Supplements


Choice of Champions makes a wide range of supplements that really work! We especially love the U Shield which we give to all of our competition horses and virtually eliminates the need for expensive and complicated options.